Mkchronos Build Log

Always been interested in electronics but never took the plunge that I really should have to get it to be second nature. Recently our team won a spot on the SLS EM-1 rocket for our satellite, so figured what better reason to buckle down and get my act together to be able to provide support to the enginners designing the electrical systems.

That’s as good a reason you can have, that’s really cool… Let’s get a Blinky in space!

Yeah, that’s amazing! I’m always surprised it’s possible to send commercial electronics to space, but it’s happening more and more. Planet Labs has been doing that, here’s a good talk about it:

Funny you mention that. One of the groups going up with us is using a Raspberry Pi to make their own Star Tracker (or attempt to). Thanks for the share of the video!

@ALeggeUp, if I can get it past Safety, will do :slight_smile: Otherwise, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of blinky things for sure.

Wow, that would be incredible to be able to design something for space travel. Do you guys have a website somewhere with more details? I can imagine that there’s quite a bit of thought and engineering that goes into a project like that. Really cool!

I have to admit that I’m super jealous that you get to work anywhere near space travel/space stuff.

I’ve pretty much always loved planes and rockets and I would die to get a job where I could work with stuff going to space. Space is my bae. :joy:

No problem. Site is and now that we won, we’re going to be shifting more to an informational site about what we’re doing, how we’re setting it up, our mission, etc. Now it becomes a space derby :slight_smile:

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Very cool! Please post whatever you can about it in your build log as well!

Whatever I can post, I’ll get it in here. Happy to share!

I checked out your website, holy smokes! That’s incredible you’re sending projects to orbit the moon! To me just sending a project to low earth orbit would seem like a tremendous undertaking, but the moon is a whole other challenge entirely

Heck, I feel like sending a project down the road is a challenge most days :smiley: