Mixed Simulation, NGSpice, PSpice System Option


I am currently working on a design where a signal is filtered in HW, then fed to a microcontroller with FIR etc filters, and data processing

I would like to do a mixed simulation. So using Pspice, I simulate the analog parts. Then the FIR filter is implemented with Laplace ABM blocks, along with quantization of the ADC, and I can check the signal in PSpice probe.

It works, but changing the FIR filter involves changing the schematics, if I need more tabs etc
I could buy the System Option from Cadence, which allows to call c-functions, exactly like the code that is done in the microcontroller. But, I don’t like spending 10kUSD for something I do not use often

I could use NGSpice, which has the ability to run c-code, and in fact there is a tool for it:

Mixed Signal & Domain Simulation for Embedded Worlds — ISOTEL

An alternative could be to generate a net/cir file from Cadence Capture, load that into NGspice, run simulation, , and feed it back again into Cadence Probe, that way I keep the source files in my main suite (Cadence)

Anyone have experience with the Isotel front-end for NGSpice?

So if fact it turned out that Cadence has offered System Option for free for my license, so I will not be using the NGSpice. Allthough it was nice to spend 2 hours installing MS visual studio and compiling NGspice fork :slight_smile: