Miniature shielded connector

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a small shielded connector to connect a magnetic encoder to it’s motor driver (around 0.75m away) (minimum 8 pins, 10 pins ideal, just signals). It needs to be shielded as there will be some BLDC motor driver lines (also shielded) running in parallel. Those will be operating at around 40KHz and at 30A.

Currently thinking of using a USB-C connector since its the perfect size+cheap but I am hesitant to use a standard connector for a non-standard use. There is also using a shielded RJ45 connector but that is quite large.

Any recommendations?


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I would worry a little about a USB-C vibrating out with motors. You might take a look at Harting IX line of industrial ethernet connectors. The clip in like an HDMI, are pretty small, and have 10 pins.

Is this for internal to a product or via cable? Maybe a flex cable is useful?

Ah yes I had not thought about vibration. I will be using a custom plastic backshell to provide strain relief to the cables so that should prevent cables from coming apart.

Those connectors look prefect thanks!

Sorry if it wasnt clear in the OP.

This is connecting a BLDC motor+encoder to it’s driver which is mounted .75m away. The encoder cable and the motor power cable have to run parallel for that distance and I am concerned about crosstalk/interference since the motor power cables will be operating at 40KHz and 30A RMS. The motor cable I am planning to use is a shielded cable and am now looking for a connector for the encoder cable.