Mechanical bell to magnet switch


I’m interested in creating my own setup because I bought and tried many setups bought from stores but none of them worked as I wish.

This is the project - I have a door that I need to be signaled everytime the door opens. I am thinking of using a mechanical bell like this

I am thinking of a wired solution and using magnetic switches. And i want to plug it to a socket (220v).

•Why wired?
Because I have used wireless solutions and they don’t work for me.

What I need from you guys is to explain how to do the wiring.


Can you explain why the commercial solutions aren’t meeting your needs?

Do you have any experience with electronics? If not, starting with a mains 220V project might not be the best idea; mains voltage is dangerous.

Go to a hardware store and buy a normal doorbell set, then fit it according to the instructions.

They (at least in the UK) run from 12V or something low so the wiring is easier, then use a small step-down transformer from mains. Read some how-to guides or get an electrician to do it.