Matt W Build Log

Hello World!

I have been working in web development for about 3 years now, I studied EE in College, and want to get back into designing and working with hardware. Looking forward to building some hardware projects for the next several months.

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Welcome Matt! I’m always curious about the type of tech that web folks bring in. Prototyping methods, software development, visualizations…so many useful things for people designing hardware! Looking forward to seeing what you build!


Completed my first PCB with the Shine on You Crazy KiCad. Was exciting to be able to actually create something, and submit a design to have the board created. Excited to receive the board and parts and assemble it.

This week, I am working through the Getting to Blinky 5.0, hoping to learn more about KiCad, with the idea of moving on from the 555 timer circuit, to creating another board from other circuit diagrams, thinking specifically about finding a diagram for a guitar pedal. Want to stick to circuits others have designed first, with the goal to design my own board.

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Awesome! For as good as it feels to send something like that off to get made, it’s hard to describe how it feels holding it in your hands. I’m excited for you!

I just got the email that the board has been printed and should be on it’s way! :slight_smile:
Received the SMD components today in the mail, so I’m excited!

Received the boards in the mail, and assembled the smd resistors and leds. Was my first time soldering smd components, and it went better than I expected. Was able to plug the board into the pi, and verified that the power led would turn on when connected to power, and would blink when the GPIO pin is sent a high and low signal. Was really excited to be able to successfully complete something new.

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That’s great, congrats Matt! The photo is a little blurry, but the solder joints look pretty good for a first time!