Mark Evanson --- Build Log


January 2018. Hello World! ECAD design and prototyping a functioning physical circuit board is a new experience for me, though in years past I’ve worked with a couple of PCB designers. I’ve designed products using SolidWorks (MCAD) for a number of years and now there is SolidWorks PCB, which I’m just beginning to use. Pretty cool stuff.

I watched the videos about KiCad and the Raspberry Pi addon board. After the first, I had to watch the rest. Now I’m excited about building and programming this project! This looks to me that learning electronics over the next few weeks will be a very enjoyable experience!


Welcome Mark! It sounds like you are off to a good start. Since you are just starting out, the Equipment and Resources categories of the Forum might be useful. Otherwise any questions, just ask :slight_smile:


Thank you, Steve. I’ve spent the past couple of days learning about diodes and resistors and I did follow your links. Today I purchased a RaspberryPi and am learning about it so I can make use of the boards produced in the lessons. I found the suggested soldering tools on Amazon and will have them in a few days. I think I’ll order an Arduino also, since I found it expands the RaspberryPi capabilities. I also got my SolidWorks PCB up and running yesterday. I’ll use it for this course. Lots of little things getting done!