Malcolm's Build Log

Here are the 6Ws of my journey into embedded systems:

  1. Why- I’d always loved sci-fi & comic books so I felt like self-learning was the route for me. Given my experience in banking, SaaS, and IoT I plan to marry the disciplines via embeddes systems & economics

  2. Who- Native Texan. Had the honor of attending Emory. Been in california for 8 years

  3. Where- Bay Area w/ a focus in fin tech, SaaS analytics, industrial IoT

  4. What- my purpose is to use the skills of emebbeded systems to combine them with my understanding of finance in order to work on number of techinical projects

  5. How- finish this course by Oct. 2021 and use the skills to work on a new product introduction using my own funds

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:wave: hey Malcolm, nice to see another fellow bay area resident! :slight_smile:

Do you have a product in mind that you wanted to develop after finishing the course?

Thanks for the warm welcome! The products I have in mind include: drones (smaller than a DJI phantom), hand held medical devices, SMART build tech smaller than a tablet.

My domains will be focused on sustainable housing, distributed housing security tech, in-home healthcare.

My end state is create a family of ecosystems/boards that enable rapid development for resource constrained neighborhoods in places like Oakland, Bayview, and the Mission.