Magnetic Power Connectors for charging

Hello everyone. I am curious to know if anyone knows where to obtain these types of connectors for power.
This second one would be great to know where to get the connector part of it. but if i am stuck with the top style or something like it that will work too.
I would like to use these in one of my projects as my project needs to be waterproof, and this type of connector would allow me to charge the battery inside the device so I wouldn’t have to worry about an electrical short or anything. Does anyone know if you can get these from Digikey? or any where else? also what exactly are they called cause when i look up magnetic connectors i just get the usb ones for phones. and I don’t want those as I am unable to use those on this device that i am making.

Anyway thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: hope to hear from you all soon.

Generally, Alibaba and similar are your best bets for this.

For onesies, try Aliexpress –
For a product, find sellers (random example: Circular 2 Pogo Pin Power Wire Connector Electrical Magnetic Connector - Buy Circular 2 Pin Magnetic Connector,2 Pogo Pin Power Wire Connector,Magnetic Connector Product on that look promising and ask them for your specific needs. They might already have something or may be able to produce it for you.

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I was afraid of that. Mainly because of the fact that shipping is so sketchy with them. But I suppose what can you do right? hmmm thanks i’ll look into those. If anyone knows of any more let me know :slight_smile:

I haven’t used anything like that before but have seen them in search results when looking round. The straight line ones looked a little more common so might be a good avenue if you don’t need exactly that circular type.

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