Magazine Recommendations (Industry, embedded, iot, cellular)

Hi all

long story short, im looking for any recommendations for good magazines. Print would be preferable to enjoy over my morning coffee and to take a “screen break” (as I would say to my kids) but also to leave on the coffee table to hopefully inspire my kids who are becoming interested in electronics. In these pandemic times when it is hard to get to trade shows and conferences I’m looking to keep up with the industry news, new parts and techniques etc.

I’m currently working with cellular, IoT and embedded devices and this would be my primary interest along with embedded linux. Secondary is really anything in the electronics design world.

I currently have subscriptions to Make and am considering something like MagPi for some lighter reading. Elektor, Circuit Cellar and epe mag have also come up on my radar.

thanks in advance!

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Circuit Cellar is quite good. I also recommend some of the IEEE magazines, depending on what your interests are, e.g. Spectrum or Computer magazine. My issue with magazines is that I stockpile many of them and it takes ages for me to catch up.