Low-end Function Generator is Like a Toy

I ordered this recently: a Uni-T UTG962E function generator. I noticed it was small in the online description, but I didn’t realize just HOW small it was until it arrived yesterday. It’s like a toy. But for 99% of my modest needs, this is going to do the trick. Cute.


Cute! How intuitive is the UI?

Well, it’s not as bad as I had expected. I’m old-school, and nothing beats a bunch of knobs. But it is certainly functional.

Been keeping this one on my wishlist for too long :smile: I have to pull the trigger at some point and order one myself. My signal generation needs are also pretty limited so it would probably do just fine on my workbench.

Wow, looks really nice! I’ve been missing a FGEN in my set up, I’ve just checked the specs and it looks pretty decent.

Do you know how it compares to others in a similar price range? Up to 60MHz sine wave, (other functions seem to be lower but still pretty good) 2 channel, reasonable PPM specs and 1mVp resolution!