"Low" cost legit VNAs

I’ve been considering nano VNA. Anyone actually used it?

All the siglent gear is soft “hackable”. They use the same firmware for different models. You can increase the bandwidth it knows about but they often use better components in the high bandwidth products so you might not get good performance at the higher end. Worth trying though - worst case you just reset the settings to original.

i ended up getting a used gerncom GC747A lte analyser from ebay, they are really common for resale from s korea/LTE countries and it was a lot more featureful .

they can be had for around 1200-1500 when they pop up, which granted is a lot more than the nanovna, but its a whole lot more machine.


was night and day in usage between and the various cheap vna’s we’d tried, wider range than the siglent too

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Great tip. Ebay has one at ~$2300.

I have used it. It is OK, but beware of the input power level. The limit is very low