LED lighting suggestions

My new lab isn’t well lit. I’ve considered various ceiling mounted LED panels, but my ceiling isn’t well suited (it’s solid, almost like Sheetrock). But there are floor to ceiling built-in shelves on three walls surrounding my bench, so something that clamps or otherwise sits on a high shelf would be great. I was thinking of the form factor of those boxy portable work lamps.

I have two Ikea Terital adjustable arm lamps with LED bulbs in them mounted to the side of my table, may not suit all situations.

Thanks, alas the Ikea here doesn’t have that particular lamp. However, they do have a selection and I hadn’t thought of checking there before. I like the goose-neck or articulated mounts. It seems more flexible than the old fluorescent desk lamps I used before.

I have replaced my T8 tube lights with 1200*300 LED panels. They are super thin and not heavy. You can probably use “no more nails” or a similar adhesive to mount the/a frame on your ceiling. They are available in a range of colour temperatures, as you would expect, and give out a lovely diffused light.

For any LED lights that go to a lab that is used to actually measure something electrical… Do a quick test with signal analyser first… Same for cheap “china export” switched power supplies (phone chargers, say) need this as well. Experience speaking.


On my desk I’ve got a BenQ e-Reading LED desk lamp. It’s got adjustable colour temperature and brightness. It illuminates most of my desk. It’s pretty expensive but now I have it I wouldn’t go back to an Anglepoise lamp.

The base is 220mm diameter, which takes up some desk space, but it’s tucked into a dead area at the back of my desk so it works for me. For some reason it defaults to “on” after a power-cut.

I also have problems with LED power supplies around the workbench. Whenever I need to do a low noise measurement I turn them off completely (cord disconnected) because the scope picks up a lot of common mode noise from them.

I’ve also had optical noise problems in the factory from workbench lighting! The remote controls for my product were acting very intermittent. Finally I figured out that the lights were so bright they were acting like a jammer

Probably it was not the brightness, but flickering.

That may be. I should’ve noted they were fluorescent tubes, not LED. Removing half of the tubes over the test station where the remote controls were used solved the issue, while leaving enough light for the worker.