KiCad via question :)

hi I have a question about Via in KiCad. I am not sure and maybe I do not know but if I am placing via it is able to define on which layer this via will be, for example changing her properties. :slight_smile: For any answers thank you :slight_smile:

When placing a Via in Kicad, it is assumed that the Via will go through all layers of your board. On a 2-layer board, this is the only logical option, but on a 4 layer board, you COULD select to only go from layer 1 to layer 2 and not go through to layer 3 and 4. This is called a “Blind via”. Right click any Via in your design and choose Properties to set this.

If you make a via from layer 2 to layer 3 in a 4 layer board, this is called a “Buried via”. Using any of these will add significantly to the cost of your PCB and you would normally not do this unless you have a specific need for this. So when do you need it? You will know when you need to is the short answer :slight_smile:

More details here:

Yep, agree with Jensa, it’s important to understand how vias work more broadly. I made a video about blind/buried vias in KiCad here:

Thank you for the response, I think that I should make my question more precise. I had something in my mind connected with traces or pads. For example I have a pad and track and sudenly I noticed that I need to add via. So I go to the right side menu and pick up via. so now is question how to set up this via to be connected with precise net from the start. I some menu? or something like this? :slight_smile: thank you for answers :slight_smile: