KiCad...How to create reusable schematic sections?


Hey All;

I’m a software developer by trade, so I’m inherently lazy :wink: In software my goal is if I have a piece of code that I know accomplishes a goal and has been tested, I prefer to re-use code rather than rewrite it and possibly introduce bugs in the re-write.

Now that my KiCad diagrams are getting more complex, I’d like to do the same thing. If I have for schematic for a circuit and footprints I’d possibly use in other designs, (eg. Voltage regulators), is there a way in KiCad to re-use it or reference it across multiple projects?

As a secondary bonus, I’d like to be able to create a PCB of a piece of a larger schematic. I have a cnc mill, where I could mill simple pcbs before building the larger overall board.

Example, being able to pull out or just use the 3v3 regulator of this eschema:

I’ve just finished GTB4, so if this is covered in later courses, or you know of a tutorial, I’d appreciate any information or suggestions.



In KiCAD 4, I have done this using techniques like copying the schematic into the project where I want to use it and use the block-save function. Quite tedious and it took a few tries if I remember rightly. There is now a copy paste option to the KiCAD 5 menu options. Imhave not tried tham out, but perhaps that might help.

Check out the KiCAD Info site. They will surely have other ideas.


Thanks @Steve_Mayze, I’ll take a look at the KiCad site. I think I’m just suffering from that feeling of ‘it aught to work this way…’


Use hierarchical sheets with the same file name.

Any change in one of them is mirrored in the others.