Kicad error little help please

I am getting an error in kicad. It is when I port my schematic to pcb. I am using the latest software. It says something about can’t find component R1 in netlist. in ‘eeschema netlist’ line 534 offset 54. Can anyone tell me what the line and offset numbers refer to. I am porting it without the component but when i add the one resistor it gives me the error. I joined this thing to learn about kicad.

And you also posted in which is a better place to ask this question.

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The files in KiCad are text. In previous versions of KiCad we had to generate the net list as an extra step. In the latest version it looks to be automatic with the import button. Check for the net list file and you will probably be able to see the line and offset.

The first question I have when I get import errors is, has that part been assigned a foot print?

Otherwise as said, is the best place for specific KiCad issues.

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Thanks I got the problem fixed. It was something about having lowercase reference numbers and capitals of the same thing, but for me it was just having lower case at all.

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