Just bought cheap 4.4GHz spectrum analyzer

I am doing some EMC testing, and need something for my homelab that can go higher that my current equipment

So being a cheap, I found this one at 28 EUR:

It is based on this design, seems to be a clone:


Will report back when it arrives


Hi kvk, I also want to but this device, but have you some resources about working and some test? Or someon (internet) recommend this to you.


I just browsed on Banggood for spectrum analyzer and it popped up. There is quite a few of reviews on the web, including youtube. Looked good, so I ordered it

I ordered this SA on bangood and now I am waiting. You have some good resource to making good/cheap probes? :slight_smile: thank you for answer

For near field probes I got these:


I can not open this link :frowning:

Sorry, this should work:

And what is your opinion about this device after using? :smiley:

It is really nice. For my needs, it’s just what I was looking for

One gotcha, the input is not protected much, so overdriving it will destroy the mixer. But they can be bought cheap and are easy to replace

I have one thing to you. It is possible that you may send here a picture when you are doing some measurements. I want to measure resonant frequency and my waveform are weird. Could you share what you have on your side? :smiley: for anything thank you

I am not 100% sure what you mean

But, if you go to this page you can see examples of measurements done on the device:


I have something like this :smiley: