JP's Electronics Giveaway, 2022

Every day for the next 2-3 weeks, I’m going to be offering some free electronics stuff. Mostly dev kits and prototype electronics (most of which contain STM32’s). Just pay shipping.

Currently Available (see posts below):

  • PSoC Dev Kit
  • 8x STM32WLE5JB6
  • Est 20x STM32L062K8T6
  • 15x STM32L082KZ6
  • 19x STM32L422KB6
  • 12x Murata CMWX1ZZABZ (LoRa Module with MCU)
  • 2x Dragino LG01-N Lightweight LoRa gateway
  • 9x STM32L0 Discovery LoRa (B-L072Z-LRWAN1)
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CLAIMED (No longer available)
Today’s Giveaway: a bag full of prototype STM32L0 + LoRa + GPS tag!

Quantity: 20 or so

  • STM32L072/82
  • SX1272
  • UBlox ZOE M8
  • Lithium Battery and charger with micro usb

And yes, prototype enclosures so it’s legal to ship with the li-ion batteries.

First taker gets 'em. Estimated shipping is ~$15 for USA.


This would be awesome to have! Would fit well to a couple of rocketry projects

DM me. I have the schematics for this one. You can probably get some lorawan fw running on it, as this MCU is widely used in Lora devices.

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UPDATE: CLAIMED (no longer available)
3 October giveway is… a devkit. For Dialog DA14585 BLE chip. Also known as the lowest-cost, white market BLE MCU in the galaxy.

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4 October giveaway: it’s a PSoC dev kit!

Update: CLAIMED (no longer available)
Missed yesterday (5 Oct), but today’s is worth the wait.

It’s a Quectel BG96 Dev Kit! This is an LTE-M / LTE-NBIoT module and dev kit.

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9x STM32L0 Discovery LoRa (B-L072Z-LRWAN1)

  • These are the 915 MHz variants.
  • One has a bonus GNSS shield
  • Two have TCXOs wired into the STM32 part (these were used for a precision timing project).

2x Dragino LG01-N Lightweight LoRa gateway

Used for teardown, never actually deployed.


Came as samples straight from ST. :slight_smile:


Est 20x STM32L062K8T6

A bag of STM32L062’s, these ones are in QFP for those of you who don’t like reflowing BGAs. I feel like I bought a lot of these, once … may be more than 20.

15x STM32L082KZ6

These are the 32 pin 5x5 QFN.

19x STM32L422KB6

These parts are the 32 pin 5x5 QFN, but with the L4 core (M4F) rather than the L0. Awesome parts.

12x Murata CMWX1ZZABZ (LoRa Module with MCU)

These are the modules used in the STM32L0 Discovery LoRa board (I’m giving away some of those, above).

Sweet! :smiley: I’d love to dig in to that!

DM me – we can work out the details.