Joels Build Log


Contextual Electronics Buildlog

Hello everyone, My name is Joel and I consider myself a journeyman in the analog
electronics department. However, I am an apprentice in the digital electronics
department and here I am at Contectual Elecronics trying to build something more
than a LED blinker.

My project is a crawler that can fit into a 3 1/2 inch diameter pipe.
the crawler is driven by two stepper motors I removed from a junk printer.
The crawler will needs to be controlled from a minimum 60 foot long cable.

I am still working on the design of the mechanical parts of the crawler so
building actual circuit boards and control circuitry has got to wait till
I figure out what size the electronics stuffola can be.


Sounds like a great project! What was the inspiration?


Necessity is the mother of invention. The drainage pipe for the basement sump pump is clogged with roots. I tried to snake a boroscope down the pipe and had trouble getting around the turns. There is a right turn then 2 left turns to the “point of interest”. I think a crawler will help get around the turns. I have read some posts on other blogs about snaking and they worked. One could have purchased a stiffer scope or one poster said they put the scope inside a garden hose. I cannot see this working.
Ultimately, I am thinking I can attach a grinder to the nose of the crawler and open the clog. I had a contractor come to the house to offer an estimate to repair the problem and number one drawback is they wanted way too much money. There is time to try less expensive options first.