It there a thermal setting SINGLE component resin with low viscosity?

To pot electronics in a small plastic boxes we use a two component low viscosity resin.
The problem with this is that you can’t make big batches as it start to self heat and causes a thermal runaway. Also the mixing of the two components has to be done accurate and well done.
I was wondering if someone knows of a single component resin made to pot electronics which can be “activated” by heat.
The plastic casing is non see through so a UV hardened resin is not an option. This said I do not have experience with UV hardened resin. If you can activate a 20mm thick substance than UV might work. The other thing is we want to use a peristaltic dosing machine so the viscosity can not be higher than say 10.000 cps

Hi. Do you need the resin to be physically hard? For a project some years ago, we used Electrolube UR5048 for waterproofing and shock absorption. It does not turn solid and it’s amber in color. Worked really well and close to RF transparent. It has close to no heating, so we could mix 1l batches from a 5l can with good working time.


Thank you for your reply. I will look into that Electrolube. We would like it to be reasonable hard. We use it for electrical isolation and to spread the heat a little bit. Currently we use Ivory 350 which becomes very hard but is a 2 component resin. A single component resin which set by applying heat would be much better to handle for us.

It might help to speak with an applications engineer for DuPont, Rogers Corporation, etc.

Yeah. I’d second that. We talked to our local Electrolube distributor regarding this. Very happy with the advice we got & product we ended up with. Still pretty nasty so goggles & respirator required, but quite easy to work with.

Thank you Jeff and Jens. Good point you make about the nastiness of some resins. Currently we use a 2 component resin which is quite safe to use. We use a peristatic pump dosing machine so the viscosity can not be to high. I dropped Electrolube an email requesting advice.

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