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I have been lurking around, posting here and there and realised I never introduced myself! I love the idea of the Build Log - my old College professor drummed it into me, and i have been doing it ever since. The Forum here is a great way to do that, and also a great place for people to introduce themselves.

There are a lot of great build logs, which is really encouraging to see - however keeping introductions in here might be limiting - some, like me, might keep build logs elsewhere which is more convenient, but also finding people in the build logs can take some time. A category for people to introduce themselves could serve as a member-directory enabling people to connect with other members with a specific skill set easily.

a small idea, but maybe only me who would be interested!

That’s an interesting idea. We have a hidden portion of the site where we do that for the consultants that are here. You would like to do this generally? Or for the CE Members specifically?

members only, i think

since i started working in the field i have had a number of mentors, close friends who have guided me and helped me a lot. some i knew personally but others i met on forums. this might be an easy way to foster those sort of networks, and help people starting out, but also allow conversations to be directed to individuals rather than the “shotgun” approach forums can sometimes be. There are members here with significant industry experience and knowledge (one of the driving reasons for me joining) and being able to find someone directly would be great.

being limited to members only means there is an extra reward for being a member, and people who are members here will also be those that are likely to be more committed to the subject. i think if it was open to the general, then the signal-to-noise ratio might drop somewhat

Sure, that sounds good. I assume you’ll be the first volunteer? :smiley:

Created! https://forum.contextualelectronics.com/c/ce-member-lounge/ce-member-intros/31

(note: non-CE members will not be able to view this category. If you think you should have access to this section of the forum and do not, please message me)

Brilliant! Happy to the be the first, I’ll accept it as a badge of honor!

update done! happy to accept criticism and review