Introduction to the CSOS

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The first project that we’re working on will be the layout for a constant current sink device. This is to practice with the new KiCad and to get everyone on the same page. We will also use this for testing the battery circuit.

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Starting from “Introduction to the CSOS” page when going to “next lesson” link led to “Finding CSOS Components”, once it seems more appropriate to go “CSOS Sketchplanation” OR " Creating the CSOS Schematic"

CSOS sketchplanation is a “Topic” within the “Introduction to CSOS”. So really you would need to click on that topic. The Lesson is meant as a high level element and each topic is a smaller segmeent of that higher level element.

As for whether to go to “finding the components” first or “creating the schematic”, we talked through a bunch of the specifications we needed before we actually started the schematic, IIRC.