Introducing - an FPGA/ASIC job board

Hiya folks - I’ve been heads down on a new project for the last month or so that I’d like to share here.

I’ve launched as a niche job aggregator for folks who are seeking work in logic design roles. If VHDL, Verilog, or System Verilog are your thing, there’s a good chance that you can find an opportunity using

Right now, we’re just aggregating open roles at a few employers who need RTL programmers for FPGA and ASIC work. I’ve been hard at work adding more employers over the last few weeks. Expanding to add more employers still is my main goal over the next few weeks. Eventually, I’d like to accept third party posts as well from any company looking to hire RTL talent.

If you’d like to receive updates from us, I’ve started a mailing list at Right now, my plan is to send a monthly digest of opportunities for HDL folks, with information about companies who are hiring aggressively, hot geographies for HDL work, mock interview questions, and maybe a dank FPGA meme or two. (If you’re not laughing about Vivado, you’re crying about it.)

I’d love any feedback folks here are interested in giving. Also happy to answer any questions - anything you might wanna know about tech stack (mostly Python, a dab of HTML/CSS), what I’ve learned so far about the HDL job market (there is scads of opportunity in the US, especially in the defense and semiconductor sector), and online job boards ( good, Workday bad), I’d be more than happy to share.

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