Improve your circuit toolbox - Simple designs that will save your next product

I gave a talk over the weekend about different circuits that are useful for electronics design and saving your product. I had help from this very forum and was appreciative of people who gave me some insight. I was racing through slides towards the end. You can see the slides and the talk video here:


I’m just a beginner at electronics, and the biggest thing I’ve been trying to do is find these sources of circuits just to know what the typical way of doing things are, and to find building blocks for projects. I pretty quickly wanted to make the leap from arduino to custom circuit design, but I had no idea where to begin learning the wide ranging analog circuits all the way to pre built modules. Mix in pre-built modules everywhere from sparkfun, adafruit, tindie, others, aliexpress, and it is a bit hard finding out where to start.

They seem to be scattered across paper books that are no longer published (a few in, parametric searches, some design tools from manufacturers, some inventor websites, forum postings, youtube videos, napkin sketches.

I actually thought about trying to catalog/make a web page about places to find things.

I’m curious if the KiCad automatic footprint generator means eventual scanning schematics out of old books into schematics, or if anyone has a sort of librarian project of converting example schematics into Eagle/KiCad.

That’s a good idea to stand up some simple circuits, maybe even start publishing the schematic pages as subsheets that could be pulled into designs. With the recently included simulation capabilities of KiCad, this could be a powerful tool.

I like the idea. Is there a git repo ?