I2C Temp Sensor

Originally published at: https://contextualelectronics.com/topic/i2c-temp-sensor/

In this topic we get the I2C temp sensor (DS7505) outputting readings to the serial terminal. This is more about the implementation, we don’t actually write any code (but we do borrow some). The I2C page for the Teensy on PJRC Here’s Sparkfun’s explanation of how I2C works (not shown in video) The DS7505 Datasheet…

If you want an easy way to just test out the temp sensor, you can add the library right in the Arduino interface without having to download it separately. If you haven’t installed it before, you will see a list of versions and an install button, IIRC.

Once you have the library installed, just that easily, you can load an example sketch.

Oh is your Millamilla library listed as an official Arduino library?! That’s cool!

Official may be a bit strong! But, yes I did go through the process of submitting it for review to the Arduino IDE inclusion and it was accepted. It was a good learning experience too.