How to include the pcb outline in a dxf plot file


I have finished my pc board layout and I need to create my fab drawings. How do you create a plot file (dxf) with the pc board outline included. Hopefully someone will have a quick answer to this.


Do you mean from KiCad? You can plot your edge layer to DXF.


Thanks for the reply. I did not realize that was the selection. Do you know how to make the lower left corner of the pcb the origin?


Are you wanting to set the origin so that you can measure from that point, or some other reason? If you are wanting to be able to measure from the current position of your mouse, hit space bar and move your mouse to the destination. The dx and dy values in the status bar will tell you the distance.


I would like to set the origin there for the coordinates file for auto placement. Plus I am just used to the origin being there. Thanks for the reply.


Usually KiCad questions are best for the KiCad forum: