How to decompile .bin from Microchip EEPROM

This is probably a dumb question but I’ll ask it anyway. I’ve dumped a bin file from a Microchip EEPROM and am wanting to decompile it using Ghidra. When I import the file it detects the raw binary format but I need to select the language and compiler but I am not sure which to select. I have the data sheet for the EEPROM chip

That’s more a question about the target processor than the EEPROM.

Can you give any context about MCU in the system?

If this were an ARM chip, I’d recommend dumping the EEPROM and examining the result with readelf, but PIC devices aren’t supported by gnu tools from what I know.

The microcontroller is this PIC

Ah, I’ve worked with a variant of this myself. Great for those times where you need five onboard SAR ADCs.

I’ve never had to do any kind of extraction of a PIC before, but I’d take a stab for the Microchip C compiler (mpcc, I think it’s called?). Language is, I’m guessing, the assembly variant. This, I don’t know offhand.

This guide may give you a some ideas.

I think you’re right. I was able to decompile it with mpcc compiler for the Pic16 family of processors.
I have successfully accessed the PIC chip with this method using the PicKit3 as well.