How much math do I need?

I am looking at the course but I am wondering about how much math I need to have. I never did calculus or anything in the past. I have read a bunch of stuff online and it seems really math heavy. Could Chris or someone else explain how much the math affects things?

A good understanding of Ohm’s law will get you (or has gotten me) quite a long way through. The content videos have always walked through the required calculations.

Yeah, Steve is right that Ohm’s law (V=IR) will get you pretty far to start with. A lot of the content on Wikipedia and similar refers to calculus, because truthfully, that’s the math that governs many of the components and circuits in question. However, there are a lot of approximations that are a good start and will serve you well for at least 80% of the course. I would never tell someone they need to take a calculus course before starting, for instance. I’d say algebra and a willingness to learn will be a good start.

My experience matches the other feedback. Basic algebra and Ohm’s Law. There are apps out there for phones/tablets, like the Adafruit one, that make several of the common calculations like Ohm’s Law very easy.

My background is software development and system administration. I don’t have any formal engineering training.