How compatible is LSM6DSL and LSM6DS3?

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I am considering using LSM6DS3 in the new design, but I noticed that LSM6DSL uses half of the power. These two parts appear to be pin compatible and may be compatible with software (at least for most functions). Is that correct?

More specifically, is it effective to use AN4650 application notes with LSM6DSL (at least until similar application notes are available in this section)? If parts are exchanged with LSM6DSL, is it possible that the code written for LSM6DS3 is valid?

I have found an article about LSM6DS3 Accelerometer but not LSM6DSL. Could anyone tell ETA about the application instructions for the use of LSM6DSL?

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So, I’d stop you there. ST’s website lists the LSM6DS3 as not recommended for new designs. (It’s the “NRND” icon near the top.)

I didn’t have a chance to thoroughly go through the datasheets, but if they’re pin and feature compatible, then it’s probably a lower-power and improved version, which is why they’re NRNDing the 'DS3. So, the app notes are probably compatible and same for the code. Obviously, I’d recommend verifying for yourself and/or contacting ST to see what they say.

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Hi, seth.kazarians.
Thank you for your reply.
I also read the datasheet of LSM6DS3. I will check that.
Thank you so much.