Help LCD menu lib



There is a great series of videos in youtube about programming an LCD menu.
Unfortunately the link to the source code is broken, the server doesn’t exist anymore.

Maybe someone downloaded the code some time ago and could share it?

The file is “” and the video series is “LCD menu tutorial for microcontrollers”



I gave it about 20 minutes without any luck. Found the videos in a few places, but the only places I found the “file” were suspected malware sites.

I tried checking for higaski on github without any luck. This project, though, looks similar to what you were looking at.


Thank you very much, Brooke!

I had already surfed the internet before asking for help, with the same results you got.

The Jomelo LCDMenuLib and LCDMenuLib2 projects look fine. I’ll try to migrate this code to stm32 HAL in the following months.


Hi pedro,
please share your port, when ready :slight_smile: I try to leave the arduino ecosystem and it is more complicated as is think bevor. Nice code for the STM32 would help.

thx zh4ng


Yes, I will share the code. But it can take some months, it is not a priority project.

If we get a nucleo board, we’ll try stm32duino instead of HAL.