Help finding 3D printed project box

Looking for a 3D print STL for a small ( < 4” sq) project box for an over/under voltage limiting circuit with 2 TO-220 MOSFETs with individual heat sinks. They would be passing up to 10A so I assume I would need to have the heat sinks open/above/behind the box. Tx for any pointers. Have looked on Thingiverse and nothing jumped out. No time to design from scratch.

Needs to be 3D printed? Not bought off the shelf? Or laser cut? I would normally rank those above 3D printing, with a focus on the off the shelf. If laser cut, there are various sites that help with design:

Also, switching this post to build log category, please keep us updated as you decide.

Thanks, Chris. Was not aware of the make a box site.

Try This is for laser cutting. What is nice is that you see immediately the results in 3D in your browser. Does quite some interesting variations on the standard square box as well.