Hello World! (ESP32, WS2812, buck/boost, sensors, SMD)

Hi there,

My name is Mattias Fornander in Boulder CO, and I’ve been tinkering with Arduino, ESP8266, Teensy, RPi electronics for a few years and doing software for over 20 years. I’m here to learn about PCB design for small wearable low power projects.

Main mission is to make a custom ESP32 + WS2812 level shifter + buck/boost + sensor board.



Awesome mission! It’s so important to have a goal like that in mind. I think you’ll reach it sooner than you think! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! I was recently researching low power projects and came across a couple wearable designs. You may have already checked them out, but just in case you haven’t Adafruit has the Flora and Gemma platform. Also Sparkfun has the Lilypad board.They both provide their schematics and board files for free, which I’ve found helpful sometimes when I want to see how other’s have solved similar problems.

Oh nice tip thanks! Always good to start with something existing and hack it when learning something new, software or hardware

Ok so first SMD PCB board design and order away to OSH Park. Super ugly but I needed a win (or fail) to keep going here :slight_smile:
Thanks Chris, for the Shine on you crazy KiCad tutorial.