Hello fellow eagle and neoden4 users

I made a ULP for eagle that is based on the Dangerous Prototypes TM-220a.ulp from 2012, which i’ve modded a bit over time, and now i changed it for the neoden4 , i am using 4.1.3B7 software so you should probably use that verison.

i made a video showing how to move stuff in eagle for it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF4B8zPS2p8&t=3s but i changed the script so you can move it by an XY amount anyway, so a lot of the video isn’t valid but it gives you an overview. i plan to do a walk thru video.

I’ve run 4 or 5 designs through the latest verison.

pretty much everything except panelisation can be done from the ULP. and you can save and load stacks.

run it from a .brd , setup the reels, hit accept ,then assign the parts to the reels . go back to the first page and hit ok to save them all, it does remember settings across runs on a per project basis.

it generates a csv neoden4 software loads.

the nsl built in stack can be replaced in the ulp for your own easily, or you can save/load your own.


I just watched the video and I have not tried your script yet, but it seems really nice. I’ve been using https://github.com/rayshobby/neoden4 but this seems quite better.

Question: At the beginning of the video you offset the board to make sure nothing has negative coordinates, but if your board is square, isn’t it enough to have the left bottom corner of the board at coordinate 0,0 in eagle (which quite typical)?

Hey Alain,

Thanks for looking at it, as i said the video is now a out of date. The notes on github are more current now.

0,0 is fine, but consider the way the camera works, if the camera can’t get to your board to do fiduciary registration then you can’t use those features.

So instead of moving the board in eagle to match the PNP position, you supply an offset at export and iit will add that to it, so if if you need to move it 100,100, you put the offset in. As long as the final coordinates in the CSV aren’t negative, and you can get to the pcb with the camera or nozzle if not using the camera you’ll be good.

I try to get my boards as close to the mounted position if using the fixed tray, then use fiducials to fix any last part, or if using the rail system then close to where it ends up on the rail, you would have to change the rail offset though.

here is a screenshot showing the applied x y and board rotation which when exported for the his pcb would match where it is physically on the machine