Guy Thomas Build Log


Hi Folks, My name is Guy and I am here to deepen my understanding of electronics. I have been doing what feels like a bit of stumbling around the internet trying to pick up things as I need them. What I think I need at this point is some structure for learning how the design side of electronics gets done.


Welcome Guy! Glad to have you here. Any initial projects you’re dreaming of building?


More like advancing some projects that are currently underway. I want to move my esp8266 + AS5048 digital setting circles project over to the esp32 and add a bunch of features like a UI and perhaps other sensor inputs. Here is a link to a video that goes over the project

tl;dw: AS5048’s are magnetic absolute position sensors (14bit) that come in either SPI or 12C flavours. They are mounted on a telescope to send attitude information to a uP that then processed that data and sends it (via WiFi) to an app on a tablet. That App overlays the position information on a sky map enabling you to get a good sense of where the telescope is pointed.