Good schematic practice

Hi to everyone. I was thinking about creating some sort of document file where I could put ideas from everyone according to schematic design. Tips and tricks but your way of creating good quality, nice and readable schematic file. If you want to share you ideas about your way of creating just write this down. For all comments(tips and tricks) thank you. :slight_smile: And be healthy in this days.

From left to right
Use bullets when wires connect
Not larger than A3, and not fully cluttered (then better split into 2 pages or more)
For reuse, you could opt to use smaller modules, that is easy to copy/include
Name relevant nets
Box in SELV vs high voltage circuits
Mention if a circuit needs independent ground plane
Name sensitive nodes
Put one obvious mistake in the schematics, to see if the reviewers are attentive :slight_smile:

I would add:

  • separate circuit into subsections with individual bounding box and title.
  • try to follow correct topological placement starting from schematic.
  • keep designators/values/text clean & visible, avoid overlapping hard to read text.
  • where possible edit component symbol and re-align/re-locate pins for a clean looking schematic.
  • stick to using a single type of resistor symbol standard: US only for example.

The biggest piece of advice I can give about schematics is that you have to keep reminding yourself that the entire purpose of a schematic is to be a communication tool. It’s intended to communicate your design to someone else.

I’ve also tried to make a similar document to capture all my thoughts and experience about what makes a good schematic. But instead, I found a good link to someone who has already done a very good job of it: