Git(Hub) for Hardware

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We primarily use Git and Github to track projects throughout Contextual Electronics. This plays well with the ascii format for KiCad files.

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This video seemed like it took the longest to complete for me.

I did not know where to download Git for Windows. It is located here.


I outlined the link to press in red in this picture.

I think this tutorial would have benefited from showing how to copy and paste text into Mintty the command line interface via a keyboard shortcut.

In order to be able to use the keyboard shortcuts right click the top of the Mintty window and click on options.

Under the Keys settings change the check marks from Copy and Paste to Ctrl+Shift+letter shortcuts.

This allows you to copy texts using Ctrl+Shift+C and paste using Ctrl+Shift+V.

A more complete manual for Mintty can be found here.

I hope this saves the next individual who does this tutorial alot of time downloading Git and getting the SSH Key.