Git Diff For Schematics

Hey CE, I wanted to share and get some feedback on a project I’m working on.

My company, AllSpice, is building out an ecosystem for Hardware DevOps (EDA :slight_smile:). Ever since I started using git to manage schematic designs at my previous company, I’ve become obsessed with building tools to make the electronics workflow better.

The first thing we’re working on is a diff tool for Altium schematic files. There is a command-line interface you can use to integrate with different workflow/rev-control tools, like git bash, Tortoise git, or others.

I’d love some initial feedback on the product and happy field any other questions you might have. Having done EE consulting in the past myself (and being completely overwhelmed with data input/output), I feel that you all will have some great insights into effective/efficient workflows.

Also, if you’re interested, take a look at our blog post on Setting Up Git For Altium


That’s a great tip for Altium users, thanks!

Eagle and Kicad users might want to check out I use that for my projects and collaborations, and it works well.

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Thanks for the post! Cadlab is great, and I believe they’re adding support for Altium as well.

The main difference between what we’re doing is that we integrate directly with local/remote git repositories wherever they currently exist. So you don’t have to buy a new hosting service subscription, it’s relatively easy to set up, and we don’t actually host any of your data. We want to allow users to have all of their product design data in the same place (ex. GitHub, Bitbucket), so that we can help tie all the pieces together for system level documentation and test.

these services look neat, looks like cadlab also supports altium, github and gitlab too.

it’s amazing to me how far behind cad/cam/cae tools are.

Very cool, I should give these a try. I think that it solves an interesting problem, especially for large projects where multiple people contribute to one design. This happened a lot at my previous company where there was multiple analog engineers and digital engineers each designing individual blocks. Also 2 different layout engineers swapping the cad files back and forth between Malaysia and US to do layout 16+ hours per day.

This was all managed manually, it was workable but took a lot of coordination to make it work right.

It I was Altium I would be looking to acquire one of these companies early and integrate it into my cad suite.