Getting to Blinky with Zephyr on the ABC board

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In this video, Chris gets to the point where the toolchain is blinking an LED on the ABC board, after having previously shown it on the DK board. Links we discussed in this video: The ABC fw repo Some of the topics covered: Compiling Zephyr sample code re-targeting the ABC board Blinking an LED! Attempting…

Hi there, thanks for this video series. I’m the west maintainer for Zephyr and I wanted to note a couple of things I noticed.

First is the use of ‘-d auto’: ‘-d’ (mnemonic: ‘destination’) sets the build directory, so ‘-d auto’ doesn’t make sense unless you really wanted to create a build directory named ‘auto’ on your computer. I think maybe you meant ‘-p auto’, which will create a pristine build directory automatically if some heuristics notice one is needed.

Second, the use of ‘west flash’ there probably picked up another build directory named ‘build’, because that’s where it looks by default. Since the previous build directory was named ‘auto’ and you mentioned you had tried this a few times, I’m guessing there was already a directory named ‘build’ in there from a previous attempt, which is what ended up getting used.

TL;DR ‘west build -b YOUR_BOARD -p auto’, then ‘west flash’ is all that should be needed, and ‘-p auto’ is optional unless you’re already working with a build directory that targeted another board or something like that.

Thanks again for the series!

Hey Marti,

Thanks for posting and for the work you’re doing on Zephyr!

You’re right about the directories, I ended up figuring that out after this video. Also this comment thread should show up on that page now.