George Morris Build Log

Electronics Hobbyist with my main interest being electronics for Model Railraoding.

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Awesome, welcome George! There are different sizes/classes for model railroad, right? Which do you use?

There are a lot of scales. The most popular are “o” (like Lionel) “HO” (by far the most popular) and “N” scale. I prefer “N” scale as it is the smallest and therefore in a given space one can run the longest trains.

Question for you. You seem to have two CE sites. Does my subscription cover the content on both?

The legacy site stuff (assuming you mean that one) is accessible to new students by request. We are planning to move all of the relevant content over to the new site eventually. The focus in the short term has been getting the forum off the ground.

My brother was big into the train stuff. What are you planning on building? He was always doing stuff with relays for his setups.