Generating Gerbers and Ordering Boards

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I am using KiCad 5 and also have front and back paste files. What do I do with those?

Thanks for your help and thanks for the videos!

In theory, you could get solder paste stencils from someone like OSH stencil. We show hand soldering in the subsequent videos instead.

I’ve gotten to the last video and I find my silkscreen layer is displaying underneath my copper layer. So for example at 2:40 where you see D1, R3, C1 and so on, I don’t see them unless I turn the front copper layer off. Is this user error or a KiCad problem or … ? I’m using KiCad 5.1.5 on Linux.

Try clicking just on the layer name. I find that brings it to the top. If you double click in the colour, the you can reduce the opacity and the other layers can show through

Ah, now it starts to make sense, thanks.

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