Fume Extractor Recommendation?

My new lab location is basically in a large pantry, and ventilation isn’t great. For the first time, I feel the need for small fume extractor. I don’t know where to start - the only ones I’ve encountered have been in the factories, quite overkill for a prototyping lab - I think.

I’ve been fitting half my garage out as the workshop and my first attempt at fume extraction is going to be a centrifugal fan from a kitchen extractor hood. Quiet, simple to wire and fit in a plywood enclosure. Toying with a polycarbonate glazing plenum over the window (which I’d open during operation) to save having to core through two courses of concrete block. Haven’t sorted ducting out yet but that could well be clothes dryer hose duct…

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A friend of mine swears by this Xytronic 426DLX: https://amzn.to/2UBYkOW

(That’s my amazon referral link, fyi.)

I’ve never used it, but he loves it for his occasional use.

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Or, if you want poor’s man fume extractor: a cardboard box, a bathroom fan and a carbon filter. Seems to work pretty good.


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