Fresh Mac OS install of Kicad has no default libraries

I’m just getting started with Kicad. I’ve installed the latest v 5.1.10 on Mac OS.

After installation I successfully moved the application into the Applications folder but could not move the kicad folder to the application support folder.

After some googling I managed to move the kicad folder into Library/Application Support/kicad manually in Finder.

I am trying to add the default Kicad component and footprint libraries.

I’ve read the guide and in that guide it references the following:

Use the “add existing library” button of the library manager to add libraries using a file browser like tool that allows selecting multiple libs via shift or crtl plus left click.

I’ve made a 30 second screencast of where I’m at to share but this forum won’t let me post a link to it…

Help much appreciated

Did you run KiCad for the first time before you had successfully copied the kicad folder to the Application Support folder?

On first launch, KiCad will initialize its global library tables and if it isn’t able to find the default libraries already in place where it expects, it will give you an empty table and won’t attempt to add them after that first launch.

Rather than attempt to add everything manually, I suggest simply deleting your KiCad preferences. They’re located in ~/Library/Preferences/kicad

Just delete the entire folder (make sure KiCad is closed before you do this!) then launch KiCad again, and as far as KiCad is concerned, for the first time.

It should correctly populate the tables this time and give you a known, fully installed state. Trying to do it manually is just asking for trouble, especially if you’re not too familiar with KiCad yet.

That worked, thank you very much!