FMD 8 bit micro processors

FMD makes microchip pic lookalikes.
Although the name stands for Freemont Micro Devices, it seems they are now based in China and as such there is not a lot of English resources available. Is there anyone who has experience with their IDE for their 8 bit microcontrollers. They seem to be better available than Microchips pics.

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Do you have a link to a device? (just for curiosity)

Is there a cross-reference somewhere to PIC series? The FMD PNs don’t seem to support easy cross referencing (e.g. in the FDM FT61Fxxxx family, the xxxxx doesn’t follow numbers like 18877 for PIC16F18877).

Here an example to the datasheet page of Fremont micro devices.

What is strange is that EEPROMs from FDM are available on for example Digikey but not the processors. They are good available at LSCS. Also strange is that it seems to be a Chines company now while they originate from Fremont in the USA. This seems why there is few English literature on those parts.

The do not seem to follow the PIC part numbering but have their own numbering. At some websites they mention their equivalent part. Note that they often mention “resource compatible” which hints that it might not be an exact copy of the PIC part.