First look at the EG91 / BG95

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In this video we go over the reasoning behind the chosen bluetooth chip and some of the basics functions we’ll be utilizing on board the BLE-CELL platform. Block diagram for BLE-CELL EG91 Product Page BG95 Product Page Cat 1 vs Cat M1 Hologram Introduction to AT commands Some of the topics covered: Why cellular? What…

Hrm, a bit of audio delay, I think from plugging in my microscope to the computer (additional video processing). Will see if I can update the setup and edit this video.

Interesting! It looks as though those modules support PPP, which might be a good option to start with. It makes it possible to do “normal network stuff” both from the Raspberry Pi (a PPP connection over a serial port looks like just another network connection in Linux) and from the nRF52840 (mbed has support for PPP too: Those cell modules do have application level AT commands (HTTP, MQTT, etc.), but it feels more natural to me to have that sort of application-level stuff in your application code on the MCU. The built-in AT commands might be more energy efficient than using PPP, but they’d probably mean writing more (and trickier) code on the MCU.

I think this is going to be quite an entertaining series!