Finishing The Schematic

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Here are some of the links used in these videos:

In the video, pin 5 (ctrl voltage) of the 555 timer is connected to ground. But in the reference schematic it’s left unconnected. Does this matter?

It does! You found the secret error that is rectified in the last video. It’s ok if you end up connecting it, you’ll need to bodge it like I do.

Does this mean that you should keep the ground connected to pin 5 ?? or don’t ?

If you want to follow along exactly…then yes. If you want it to work right off the bat…then no :slight_smile:

This was a mistake I made in the video recording process but didn’t realize until I had the board in hand. I used it as an opportunity to showcase how to fix a mistake with solder. You can choose whether or not you’d like to follow all of the same steps.

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Thanks for your reply @ChrisGammell