Finding The Heatsink


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What we’re looking for in a heatsink (specs) Which part Chris will be using and why. The heatsink Chris decided on.


When looking at the specs for the heatsink, I believe the one chosen had a high-ish LFM spec of 600 LFM at the given thermal resistance, compared to others.

Haven’t finished the course, but isn’t this going to be passively cooled? If that’s the case, I would assume we’d be targeting a lower LFM spec for a given thermal resistance.

In reviewing, I noticed that there was a “Thermal Resistance @ Natural” column which I believe is the thermal resistance for passively cooled applications. With that in mind, wouldn’t we want to be paying more attention to that figure?

I really this series on selecting the components because they did a great job of illustrating how the different parts of the system interact with each other. I feel like I have a better sense of how to consider the system as a whole rather than individual parts in isolation.