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Hi anyone can help to find which component this …
This is Bluetooth speaker PCB board , Please see the attachment file



That’s not a great picture of the chip, can you get a closeup of the markings? Without that…it’s pretty hopeless.


The image is really fuzzy, so it’s hard to be sure. Could it be an amplifier? I just have a few observations. It looks like the circled component (U10) is the same type of component as U15 and U7. They all seem to have the same circuit layout. For example pin 5 looks like it may be vcc as it has a really thick trace and what look like several bypass caps connected from it to the ground plane. Pin 3 and 4 seem to have a series resistor and capacitor. Maybe those are the differential input lines? The thicker traces on pins 6 and 7 kinda look like they could be the differential outputs. And then pin 8 looks like it may just be a ground pin. I’m not sure what’s happening with pin 1 and 2, it almost looks like there’s a resistor connecting those 2 pins? From what I can tell all 3 of those chips output to a differential pair at the edge of the board. U7 goes to L- and presumably L+, U10 goes to R+ and R-, and U15 goes to B+ and B-. So maybe U7 is an amplifier for the left channel speaker, and U10 is an amplifier for the right channel. I’m not sure what happened to U15, it looks like whatever was there overheated or disintegrated :).


Yeah, had meant to mention that U15 looked like it was having a REAL bad day


We could definitely use a good close up pic - maybe 6" away or so, right at the point when the camera can focus.