EireEng's build log


Hello world!

I’m a Mechanical Engineer by training and work mostly in 3D CAD (Creo / ProE) designing injection mouldings & steel and aluminium parts for motorbikes.

I’ve designed 7 built a few 3d printers over the last few years and played about with Arduino but I’m doing the CE course to get a better understanding of designing something more in depth than a blinky LED. I’ve done one introduction to EE University module as part of the mech eng degree but other than that I’ve got no proper training in EE.


Project in mind!

The project I have in mind is to build an inverter for my arc welder. I’ve always wanted an AC TIG welder for aluminium. I’ve got an inverter based DC welder, but would like to build an inverter to re-invert the output to Square/Sine/Sawtooth AC with adjustable duty cycle and high frequency start. Looking into IGBT / MOSFET inverters got me to start the course in the first place.


Welcome @EireEng, I look forward to reading about the progress.