Eductaional price on the AD2

I’m wondering if the educational price on the AD2 that’s offered with the 3 month subscriptions is applicable to the plaint AD2 rather than the Contextual Electronics bundle. I ask because I already have a 4-channel scope and thus don’t really need the BNC board and probes, and would like to save some money by getting the plain AD2. Is this possible?


They only apply the discount to the bundle, so that’s all we can offer, unfortunately.

That being said, if you have a 4 channel scope, it’s possible you don’t need the AD2. You could always supplement with a Saleae or similar for any logic functions, especially if your scope has a waveform generator.

One of the reasons I want the AD2 is for the logic analyzer features - way cheaper than a Salae. Will have to decide. Thanks anyway.