Drill Tables and Fab Notes on a PCB Fab Drawing

Originally published at: https://contextualelectronics.com/drill-tables-and-fab-notes-on-a-pcb-fab-drawing/

Summary In this video, we’re adding more information to our fabrication drawing for our PCB, including a drill table and fab drawing notes. This allows us to get a board quoted or manufactured by a wider range of PCB houses than the online options. The online fab services capture all of this information in an…

In the video you refer to a blog post which covers the 14 points that your board house needs to know. Do you have a link to that post?

Ah, I forgot to add the link! Sorry about that. The post is updated now, but here’s the link as well:

Thanks, also, did I understand correctly that you had Drill Tables as foot prints? Did you have these available to the community or was that your personal use only?

If for the community where can I find them?

I think I misspoke in the video. I had created the stackup table as a footprint. That’s available here:

Here’s the template repo: GitHub - ChrisGammell/FabDrawingTemplates: A KiCad library with Fab Drawing Templates

And here’s that original video where I discussed them:

I updated the blog post to capture these as well