Don't forget the hotkeys!


As a regular KiCad user, I always point out the power of the hotkeys. Specifically I always pointed out that hitting the ‘?’ key brings up a menu to LEARN the hotkeys, which is the best way to do it, IMO.

Well guess what? Discourse has the same thing!

Want to become a wiz of reading through threads on here? Hit the ‘?’ button to learn how to navigate sans mouse and much faster overall.

Happy reading!


Bonus points to Discourse for using vi’s up/down keys


I know slightly off topic. (As this only answers the first part of your post.)

This is no longer true for KiCad version 5 (and especially for KiCad version 5.1)

This version now has its shortcuts configurable. Which might have broken this static dialog. To view (or edit) hotkeys in these versions go to the hotkey editor which is found in some dialog of the preferences menu (depending on your exact KiCad version)
In current KiCad nightly (will become KiCad 5.1) it is under preferences -> preferences (select hotkeys in the tree view)


Just a quick heads up. The ‘?’ key doesn’t bring up the hotkeys anymore. It looks like Ctrl+F1 is the hotkey for that.


I noticed that too… and cmd-F1 for Mac OS